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Heroin Deaths Increase Dramatically in New Jersey Since 2004

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Since 2004, heroin has been blamed in more than 5,000 deaths in New Jersey, and the drug quickly started an epidemic. At the start, the numbers of deaths was close to zero. However, about half of these heroin deaths happened in the four years since 2011. In 2014, more than 600 people died from overdosing on the drug, double the amount of deaths in 2011.

Heroin, along with other opiates, take the lives of people every day. Nobody is immune to addiction; it can happen to anyone. If you are suffering from opiate abuse or addiction, call drug rehab centers Summit today. Dial (908) 329-2283.

Withdrawal From Opiates

When a person cannot obtain the drug or tries to stop using opiates on his or her own, they will often exhibit withdrawal symptoms. When these become too severe, they may seek out more of the drug to find relief. Some common withdrawal symptoms include:

. Anxiety
. Muscle aches
. Agitation
. Insomnia
. Runny nose
. Sweating
. Increased tearing
. Yawning

As the withdrawal progresses, the symptoms may become more severe and include:

. Diarrhea
. Nausea
. Vomiting
. Dilated pupils
. Abdominal cramping

While much of the time withdrawal is not dangerous, it can become serious if the person suffers from other medical conditions. The biggest concern is that the person will give in to the cravings and fail to complete withdrawal.

Treatment For Opiate Addiction

Treatment centers offer a variety of options for opiate addiction. One of the most common is replacement therapy that provides a medication to “trick” the system into believing that it is receiving the opiate, but will allow the body to detox from the drug. Several different drugs may be used, such as methadone or Suboxone.

Counseling and support groups are also part of the treatment process. These therapy sessions help the person deal with the underlying issues that led to addiction. In many cases, the person will continue some form of therapy for the long-term to prevent relapse.

Help is available for anyone with an opiate addiction or abuse problem. Treatment can help the person overcome the problem and go on to live a functional, positive life. Call drug rehab centers Summit today and attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (

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