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Addiction treatment therapy is a program designed to help all kinds of addicts begin the process of recovery. Many options exist to fit the needs of the individual and increase the chances for success. These programs offer multiple treatment plans based on the addiction and the personality and background of the addict. Choose a program at Drug Treatment Centers Summit and get your life back on track. Call Drug Treatment Centers Summit now at (908) 329-2283.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Most treatment programs begin with detoxification. This process removes the substance from the person’s system and helps the body get back in balance and start functioning normally. The next stage is therapy, which may consist of various programs and for weeks or months. Finally, aftercare is part of many addiction treatment therapy programs that continues on after initial treatment is completed.

Addiction treatment therapy programs offer both inpatient and outpatient services. Choosing the right one is essential to success. Outpatient programs are often the best choice when a person has responsibilities at home. They may work for people who have mild addictions. For those who have serious addictions or have been addicts for a long time, they often require the structure of an inpatient program.

Types of Treatment

Once detoxification is complete, the next stage is therapy. This may consist of medication and behavioral therapies. Behavioral therapy works to change the person’s attitudes and behaviors for long-term success. It often comes in various forms.

  • Cognitive – with this therapy, the person learns new skills for coping with stress or triggers to avoid reverting back to drug use
  • Family therapy – in this therapy, the family is also involved and may deal with family issues such as abuse, depression and other problems
  • Motivation – in this therapy the addict works with the therapist to establish goals and develop motivation to accomplish them

Therapy may come in many forms. While people often think of group meetings and individual counseling sessions, they are just two types of treatment. Other programs include the following:

  • Art or music therapy – this therapy uses a creative expression to help the person deal with emotions
  • Restorative yoga – this therapy uses yoga as a way to use both the body and the mind to deal with stress and cravings, it often helps the person feel like he or she is in control of the situation
  • Biofeedback – in this therapy, electrical sensors are placed on the person and he or she receives information about the body, this helps the person learn how to control the body with the mind
  • Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) – this therapy is often used with inmates and may also be beneficial in other situations to help the person see how the drug abuse hurt others

What Makes Treatment Effective

There are many treatment programs because one is not effective for all individuals. When the person is assessed for treatment, many things are considered when a plan is developed. The medical provider makes a determination based on the drug being abused, how long the abuse has been going on, as well as the person’s personality and interests. A treatment plan is not designed to be static. It must change with the person. There may be times when the person gets stuck in therapy and a new program is needed for more progress. When choosing a facility for treatment, find out what programs are offered. The more options you have, the better your chances for success.

People with an addiction will find that addiction treatment programs are an important part of recovery. Therapy teaches them how to deal with their addictions and overcome them. While a person may never be cured of an addiction, he or she can recover and avoid relapse in the future. Drug Treatment Centers Summit has the programs necessary for long-term success. Talk to an addiction specialist today at (908) 329-2283.

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