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Alcohol Use vs Summer Fun Summit, NJ

summer partying alcohol use substance abuse drug rehabilitation center Summit drug problem rehab centers New Jersey Excessive drinking and summer activities don't mix. Drinking affects physical and mental abilities, decreases inhibitions. This can lead to tragic consequences on the water, on the road, and outdoors. Up to 70% of all water activities related deaths involve the use of alcohol. To learn more about the consequences of alcohol use, contact ... Read More →

Brain Restoration Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Summit, NJ

brain restoration therapy alternative addiction treatment Summit alcoholism drug dpendence rehabilitation center New Jersey rehab People are not born with an addiction. They become addicted over time and in those cases when they use in an excessive and prolonged manner a toxic substance like drugs or alcohol. Addiction occurs due to the changes in brain that alcohol or drugs cause. That is why an important... Read More →

Heroin Deaths Increase Dramatically in New Jersey Since 2004

substance abuse recovery rehab center Summit nj Since 2004, heroin has been blamed in more than 5,000 deaths in New Jersey, and the drug quickly started an epidemic. At the start, the numbers of deaths was close to zero. However, about half of these heroin deaths happened in the four years since 2011. In 2014, more than 600 people died from overdosing on the drug, double the amount of deaths in ... Read More →

Meth in Liquid Form

substance abuse recovery rehab center Summit nj Methamphetamine or meth, well-known as chalk, crystal, and ice is a strong stimulant with high potential for dependency and addiction. Meth works by prompting the brain to create greater amounts of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical linked with reward, pleasure, motivation, and motor skills. The rapid release of dopamine produced by using meth provid... Read More →

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