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A person who is addicted to a substance often requires drug rehab to recover from the addiction. He or she may try to stay away from the drug or alcohol, but the change is short-lived. For long-term recovery, a drug rehab facility is often the best option for any type of addiction. Drug Treatment Centers Summit can help you get your life back. The first step towards recovery is just a phone call away (908) 329-2283.

Understanding Addiction

If you or a loved may need the assistance provided by a drug rehab center, you must determine if he or she is suffering from an addiction. In certain cases, this may not be an easy task. For instance, certain drugs are permissible in limited quantities, such as prescription medications and alcohol. You must be aware of when the addict crosses the line to abuse and addiction to know if he or she needs help from drug rehab.

Addiction is defined as the dependency on a substance. The person is unable to stop using the drug or suffers withdrawal in an attempt to stop. Often, the withdrawal symptoms are so unpleasant that he or she will resort back to the substance abuse for relief. People often think there is no hope, but drug rehab facilities are designed to cope with the challenges of withdrawal.

What Causes Addiction?

Many factors play a role in causing addiction. By far, the most significant factor is having a family history of addiction. It doesn’t need to be the same drug, but a tendency to develop an addiction to something increases the chance that a family member will also suffer from addiction. Additionally, mental disorders may increase the chance that a person will develop a substance addiction. It is common for people with conditions such as anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia to abuse substances as a form of self-medication and coping mechanism. People who have suffered severe trauma or those who do not know how to cope with stress may turn to drugs or alcohol. They do not know other ways of dealing with these issues, so they use drugs to suppress unpleasant emotions.

Why Seek Treatment

The first step in drug rehab is to undergo detox. However, rehab does much more than simply cleanse an addict’s body of the harmful substance or substances. In fact, if an addict stops treatment at detoxification, he or she will be more likely to relapse because the core of the problem has not been treated. Rehabilitation helps addicts uncover the reasons for their addictions and assist them in dealing with those issues. Treatment programs teach them other ways of dealing with problems. For instance, they may learn a new hobby such as yoga or begin an exercise regimen as a way to relieve stress. Another benefit of rehab is education. The person learns about the effects of drug addiction and develops skills to help prevent future issues. This aspect of rehabilitation is not just for the addict, but may be essential for the family to help in the recovery process.

Someone with a substance abuse problem needs the information and support that rehab provides. It can help them in their journey to recovery. Anyone with a loved one who is addicted to a substance must encourage that person to seek help from a rehabilitation facility. Choose a program at Drug Treatment Centers Summit and build a brighter future! Call us today at (908) 329-2283.

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