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When a person is addicted to a substance, the most intimidating aspect of treatment is often detoxification. The addict may have heard stories of how painful the process can be, causing them to deny assistance. In reality, a medical detox performed at an addiction treatment facility is the safest and least agonizing way to go about this process. Medical detox can allow someone to get through the process with reduced withdrawal symptoms. People who are considering trying to break the addiction on their own should consider how they can benefit from medical detox. Recovery and sobriety starts at Drug Treatment Centers Summit. Call Drug Treatment Centers Summit today and explore your medical detox treatment options at (908) 329-2283.

What is Medical Detox?

The detoxification process is when an addict stops using the drug of addiction. Because the body has adjusted to the presence of this substance and has learned how to function with it, withdrawal often triggers intense cravings and painful reactions as the body seeks more of the substance. In some cases, this process can be severe and even life-threatening. Medical providers may choose medical detox as a way of reducing the symptoms of the withdrawal. These medications are designed to provide one of several purposes.

  • Some medications like methadone are similar to the drugs that the person is detoxing from. They work with the chemicals in the brain the same way, but are less addicting when administered by a treatment provider.
  • Other medications work to inhibit the sensors that feel pleasure from the drug to reduce the cravings.
  • Some medications are given to reduce the symptoms without altering the detox process. For instance, an alcoholic may be given anti-depressants to help reduce this symptom in detox. Others take anti-nausea medicines.

In severe and rare cases, a person may be given an anesthesia and intravenous drugs to move through the detoxification process faster. This is called rapid detoxification and can reduce the time from days to hours. While the person doesn’t feel the withdrawal, it can have serious impact on the system and is usually only done in specific situations.

The Dangers of Detoxing Alone

When an addict tries to detox at home without a treatment facility, he or she does not have the benefit of medicine to help with the process. The person also does not have the support of a professional team who has been down this path many times before. When someone tries to do it without help, he or she often gives up when the cravings get too intense and reverts back to old patterns of abuse and addiction.

Continual failure can signal to the addict that rehabilitation is hopeless and that he or she will always be an addict. This message is untrue, because it is the method of detoxification that is not working and not the fault of the user. In a treatment facility, the person stands a much better chance of completing the detox process and of continuing on in sobriety.

When Medical Detoxing is Helpful

Medicines are often administered to someone in detox for various reasons. The person may have health problems that make detoxing dangerous without the aid of medication. He or she may also have a mental disorder that would be made worse during withdrawal symptoms. The person may have tried and failed in the past or may have an addiction to a substance that causes severe withdrawal symptoms.

Medications are often given to treat specific addictions.

  • Opiate addiction – people addicted to morphine, heroin or painkillers may benefit from methadone or buprenorphine to reduce the length of detox
  • Antidepressants – these are often given for alcohol addictions or when people suffer from depression during withdrawal, they may also be given for addictions to stimulants

Anyone who is considering going through detoxification and is afraid of the experience should ask their treatment provider about medical detox. If he or she is a candidate, it can make the process less painful and frightening and improve the chances of success. Begin your new life at Drug Treatment Centers Summit. Speak to an addiction specialist today at (908) 329-2283.

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